Video Advertising Can Be One Of The Most Valuable Tools In Your Marketing Toolbox

Video advertising can be one of the most valuable tools in your marketing toolbox.

Whatever your video production needs might be, we’ll develop a compelling video commercial for you that will engage your customers and inspire them to take action.

Marketing Strategizers offers a variety of video production services, including:

  • Traditional television broadcast commercials:
    help create awareness, promote a product or service, and offer incentives.

  • Branding videos: 
    increase brand awareness and generate positive feelings towards your brand in the market.

  • Public service announcement (PSA) videos: 
    get your important message out, aiming for the greatest social impact.

  • Documentary videos: 
    give an overview of your company, history, and mission while targeting key areas of interest and the people who make it happen.

  • Client success stories and case study videos: 
    show how your products and services have helped your clients overcome their challenges, and what they have to say about your brand.

  • Product or service demonstration videos: 
    explain the benefits of a new product or service.

  • Tutorials or “how-to” videos:
    help your customers make the best use of your product or services through a step by step video tutorial.

  • Google 360˚ Tours:
    give your customers an interactive experience with a 360˚ tour. 


Our video production packages include:

  • Script writing and story boarding

  • Location scouting and casting

  • Video shooting and editing

  • Audio production (voiceovers, music, sound effects)

  • Media buying and placement

  • Annotations and SEO for YouTube campaigns.


Video Samples

The first step we need to take is for us to understand your needs, so give us a way to reach out to you and let’s get to work.



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