Qualify more prospects, close more sales

Outsource Telesales — B2B And B2C Services

  • Outsource telesales to sell your products and services directly to leads.

  • Telesales outsourcing will boost your overall revenue and sales processes.

  • Be represented by an expert team without the onboarding costs.


What Is The Difference Between Telesales And Telemarketing Services?

The main difference between these two outbound call services lies on their end-goal.

Telemarketing services, often with a broader target market, aim to increase consumers’ product awareness. You can use this to introduce your products and services to generate leads.

Telesales is a direct way of selling your product. Its goal is to secure closed sales. You can take advantage of this service when you have a solid list of leads and marketing campaigns.

Both services use a cold calling approach.


What Are The Reasons To Outsource Telesales To A Call Center?

Your company can experience the following benefits when you outsource telesales services:

  • Cheaper hiring, training, and operating costs

  • Lower employee attrition rates

  • More time to focus on your core business

  • Trained staff who have proficient skills in handling different types of clients

  • Higher chances of closing more sales


How Can An Outsourcing Enhance Your Cross-Selling And Upselling Efforts?

Cross-selling and upselling are strategic ways to achieve higher revenues. Our sales agents can smoothly integrate these two strategies when offering your new releases to the market. Through our regular training, quality assurance processes, and good scripting, we can help you close more high-value sales.


In What Way Does Telesales Help Maintain Good Customer Relationship Management

Telesales is not only about selling. Most of the time, it’s about maintaining positive relationships with existing customers by offering them products that add value to their life.


Our Agent Selection Process

Selling is a simple process made complex by human emotions. To keep up with this, we choose our agents based on the following qualifications:

  • Sufficient sales knowledge (offering of product, upselling, cross-selling)

  • High emotional intelligence — confident, empathetic, and open to tons of rejections

  • Good communication skills


We also make sure to regularly update our script for our telesales campaign. We comply to the National Do Not Call Registry to avoid breaking any laws.


Increase Sales With An Outsourced Telesales Services Provider

Boost your sales through the expertise of an outsourced sales team. Experience a healthier bottom line while growing your business.

Marketing Strategizers agents’ have years of experience; from selling and customer service. We follow global standards to ensure you appear professional and credible.

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