How Social Proof Can Power Your Marketing Strategies

The internet is full of brands and marketers that promote their products and services. It is not easy for customers to figure out when it is worth to invest some money or who they should listen to. Social proof is a marketing tool that increases trust between your brand and your target audience. It shows to your potential customers that other people use your products and get results.

Why Social Proof Is Important

Inspires your target audience: Social proof inspires people to buy a product or use a service. When they read success stories and comments from happy customers, they expect to get the same results.

Gives an edge over your competition: People prefer companies with a good reputation than unknown and new ones. While the reputation offline works with word-of-mouth marketing, the internet gives you many opportunities to prove that you do a good job. For example, you may get more reviews, views on YouTube, a following on social media, good rankings on search engines, etc.

Easy to gather: You just need to ask your existing customers to leave a comment or a review of their experience with your company. It is free, and many customers will be willing to help.

5 Types Of Social Proof That You Can Use With Your Campaigns


Your business can get reviews on your Google My Business listing, Yelp, Facebook page, and other business websites. Usually, these sites have a star system and a section for comments. It is possible to speed up the process by encouraging your customers to leave reviews.


The testimonials are customers that share their opinion about your business and allow you to publish it on your website or social media. Testimonial descriptions are lengthier than the comments of the reviews. On many websites, they add an image or a video next to each testimonial to increase credibility.


If you can prove that your business is associated with experts and other brands in your industry, your target audience has more chances to trust you as an expert. Affiliations are forms of social proof between companies and experts. You can ask affiliations directly if you have good relationships with other companies in your niche.

Social Following

When a brand has thousands of followers on social media and gets a lot of engagement, people assume that it is a big player. At least, it's better than having a few followers or no presence online at all. Growing a following is an investment with multiple benefits in most parts of your marketing.

User-Submitted Content

User-submitted content has many forms. You can accept guest posts, comments, upload videos and images of your target audience, or create a forum on your website. Engagement with your audience earns social proof and brings more engagement in the future.


Social proof helps your target audience to understand that your company offers quality products and services. If you add social proof to your campaigns, you can expect better conversion rates and more loyal customers.


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