Target Your Audience with Direct Mail Marketing

Marketing Strategizers provides direct mail products and services for customers who use targeted mail as part of their marketing strategy. From EDDM to postcards to self-mailers, we offer a wide range of products that are designed to drive new sales.

We handle every step of the printing and mailing process. Our 80,000 square foot facility contains digital and offset printing presses, mail processing equipment, graphics department and onsite post office to classify mail faster. Your project moves through a streamlined process, managed by our staff from concept to completion.


Direct Mail Products


When you partner with Marketing Strategizers, you get hands-on service by our team of experts who have worked in the industry for decades. From our sales staff and project managers to press operators and mail supervisors, our team works together to produce high-quality products and services you can rely on.

Postcard Mailers & EDDM
Self Mailers
Letter Mailers
Plastic Card Mailers
Double Mailers
Mailing Lists

Traditional Direct Mail Process

 This is the mailing that everyone is familiar with, here’s how it works:

  1. Print collateral is created.  This can either be envelopes, postcards, magazines, etc. 

  2. Customers provide a mailing list or we can generate one tailored to your criteria. 

  3. Mailing lists are run through the NCOALink (National Change of Address) which verifies and updates all information to ensure your list is as accurate as possible.

  4. Addresses are printed, envelopes are stuffed, postage is applied and they’re off to the post office.


Postage is discounted by addressing, barcoding, sorting, etc. which takes most of the leg work away from the post office and Marketing Strategizers does all of this! 

Target Your Audience with Direct Mail Marketing


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We've been helping marketers and business owners with their printing and mailing needs. 

To get started, we’ll discuss your project and suggest the best way to save you money and boost your impact with customers and prospects. We’re here to help you get the most out of direct mail.

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Direct Mail Benefits


Place your message right in the hands of your target audience with direct mail. No other marketing channel offers customization, targetability and saturation like direct mail does. With so many design and personalization options, direct mail allows you to uniquely customize your message to receive the best response from prospects.

Direct mail is a proven marketing channel that gets results and studies show that consumers spend more time with direct mail and remember it better than digital advertising.

Benefits include:

  • Measurable Results

  • Easily integrates with digital marketing channels

  • Limitless creativity with graphics and design

  • Incorporate Augmented Reality & QR Codes

  • High response rates

  • Highly personalized

  • Targetability